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Tell Us About you Let us assist you further with information tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Check Our C-Arm Equipment Options Our services We Take Care Of All Your Needs Amber Diagnostics has over 25 years of experience … Read more

Mobile MRI Blueprint

The Amber Diagnostics’ C-Arm Buyers Guide is your one stop professional resource for quality C-Arm purchasing and planning information.

Flat Panel Detectors vs. Image Intensifiers

The Need for Digital Imaging Analog image intensifiers and digital flat plate detectors have their pros and cons. However, in today’s medical imaging field, digital imaging is the efficient way to go if hospitals, outpatient facilities, and private practices want to stay competitive. Digital images … Read more

Amber Diagnostics C-Arm Machines and Equipment

Basic Overview of the C-Arm Machine

A C-Arm System is an overhead x-ray image intensifier that provides real-time detailed viewing of anatomic structures using fluoroscopic dyes.

C-Arm used in surgery setting

What Types of C-Arms Are Used Today?

What’s so useful about them is that they’re flexible, and thus can be used in a variety of situations. In fact – C-Arms come in different sizes.

Oakworks DTPM300 C-Arm Table

Oakworks DTPM300 C-Arm Table

Oakworks DTPM300 C-arm table is ideal for pain treatment centers, surgical centers, and other multi-disciplinary medical facilities Oakworks DTPM300 Overview Oakworks® DTPM300 C-arm Imaging Pain Management Table is a cost effective table solution (costs less than most refurbished C-arm tables) is ideal for pain treatment … Read more

Oakworks CFPM100 C-Arm Table

Oakworks CFPM100 C-Arm Table

The Oakworks CFPM100 with integrated headrest is a 1-motion C-Arm table with a height range of 22 to 40 inches Oakworks CFPM100 Overview The Oakworks CFPM100 Integrated Headrest is a 1-motion imaging table with a height range of 22 to 40 inches. Carbon Fiber Integrated … Read more

Oakworks CFPM401 C-Arm Table

Oakworks CFPM401 C-Arm Table

The Oakworks CFPM401 with integrated headrest is designed to accommodate mobile and ceiling suspended C-Arm systems Oakworks CFPM401 Overview The Oakworks CFPM401 C-Arm Imaging Table is a new, cost-effective table designed to accommodate mobile and ceiling suspended C-Arm systems. The CFPM401 is a 4-movement table … Read more

GE OEC 9800 C-arm dual flat screen monitors upgrade

GE OEC 9800 C-Arm Dual Flat Screen Upgrade

Extend the life of your GE OEC 9800 C-arm with a dual flat screen monitors upgrade that includes two 20.1” LED displays Dual Flat Screen Upgrade Overview Amber Diagnostics created the OEC 9800 Display Upgrade as an OEM solution for those interested in upgrading from … Read more

Philips Veradius C-Arm

Philips Veradius C-Arm

The Philips Veradius C-Arm is specially designed to make surgical imaging easier for physicians and operators in the OR Philips Veradius Overview When setting pedicle screws, a stent graft, or inserting a pacemaker lead, your X-ray system provides images to support confident decision making. We … Read more


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