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Siemens Arcadis Varic C-Arm

The Siemens Arcadis Varic C-Arm marks the start of a new era in the OR, offering completely new possibilities

Siemens Arcadis Varic Overview

Discover the new generation of mobile C-arms from Siemens. ARCADIS® is more than just a new C-arm, even more than simply a new generation of C-arms. ARCADIS marks the start of a new era in the OR, offering completely new possibilities. ARCADIS integrates syngo®, the unique software platform for virtually all Siemens imaging systems, into your operating room. syngo allows virtually all imaging modalities and image viewing workstations to use the same intuitive user interface for system operation, image post-processing and overall networking.

ARCADIS integrates modalities such as CT and MR into your clinical workflow as well as the overall network. With syngo, you can access all clinical patient information online, at the click of a button. In addition, syngo develops new synergies for clinical workflow and can decrease the training needs of the hospital staff. The result? Significantly increased efficiency in your OR.


Precise imaging and excellent visualization
Optimally matched, fully digital 1K²-imaging chain from image acquisition to viewing and archiving.

Easy Operation
Ergonomic and lightweight system and trolley design with small footprints for superior maneuverability.

Easy integration into clinical workflows
All patient data can be loaded to your worklist directly from your HIS/RIS Query the archive using the search function.

Optimal flexibility in data handling
• Overall storage capacity of 60,000 images.
• Support of virtually all DICOM 3.0 functionalities (including DICOM Send/Receive, Storage Commitment, Print, Worklist, Query/Retrieve and MPPS)*.

Truly digital navigation with NaviLink™ 2D*
Integrated, digital 1 K²-navigation interface NaviLink 2D with automatic transfer of 2D images in 1024 x 1024 resolution for surgical navigation.

Dose-saving features
An integrated laser light localizer*, radiation free collimation and multi-level dose control are only a few of many dose reduction features.

  • Eight 236 (520.3) chassis, 179 (394.6) monitor cart
  • Cassette Holder Sizes 24 x 30 (10 x 12)
  • Cooling, Hu/Min 13,770 anode
  • Exposure Time, Sec 0.5-10
  • Focal Spot Size, Mm 0.6
  • Image Matrix Size 1280 x 1024
  • Mas Range 1-150 in 23 steps
  • Pulsed Fluoroscopy up to 23 mA
  • Snapshot Function 0.2-23 mA
  • X-Ray Tube Anode StationaryW

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