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GE BrightSpeed Elite Select 16 Slice CT Scanner

The GE BrightSpeed Elite Select 16 Slice CT Scanner provides optimal speed, power and resolution needed for all kinds of applications

GE BrightSpeed Elite Select Overview

The BrightSpeed Elite Select allows 16 fps reconstruction, with IQ enhance (IQE) allowing faster pitch scanning covering more anatomy.

Built on GE’s Lightspeed VCT (Volara DAS, Xtream FX) technology with a more compact footprint, the BrightSpeed Series provides high quality images across a wide range of clinical applications.


Our refurbished GE Brightspeed Elite Select 16-Slice CT machine is equipped with an “Ultra-Compact Gantry” with multi-detector CT capabilities for maximum convenience. The Freedom Workspace table and console on the BrightSpeed Series allows improved patient visibility and a clear path to the patient.

The BrightSpeed Elite Select with Enhanced Package comes with a True in One console and Freedom Workspace. Equipped with Volara digital DAS (data acquisition system), Xtream FX workflow, and Volume Viewer on the OC, enhances the already proven and reliable BrightSpeed platform.

  • Light-Weight Compact Air-Cooled Gantry
  • 3.5Mhu X-Ray Tube
  • 48kW X-Ray Generator
  • Ergonomic Operators Console
  • Full 360 degree rotation in 0.8, 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 seconds.
  • Short breathholds, more comfortable exams & flexibility.
  • 16 x 0.625mm routine thin slice scanning.
  • Retrospective thin images from data sets where thicker images were initially reconstructed (Improves 3D and reformat visualization).
  • Xtream(TM)FX Workflow Platform.
  • Ability to customize a total of 6840 your own protocols.
  • CTA runoffs.
  • 3D Neuro filter provides up to 20% reduction in noise.
  • Routine use of thin slices without compromising IQ, coverage, or throughput.
  • IQ Enhancement reduces helical artifact during thin-slice helical scanning.
  • Multi-phase organ studies.
  • Improved multi-planar reformats with isotropic microvoxel imaging.
  • Optimization of z-axis resolution and dose with 0.625 mm slice thickness.