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Philips Achieva TX 3.0T MRI Scanner

The Philips Achieva TX embodies all the pioneering technology that has made this 3.0T MRI Scanner the benchmark in high-field MRI

Philips Achieva TX 3.0T MRI Scanner

Philips Achieva TX Overview

The Achieva TX 3.0T with MultiTransmit parallel RF transmission technology is designed to overcome fundamental challenges of high-field imaging, such as the dielectric effect.

Unique to the Achieva TX 3.0T, MultiTransmit reduces dielectric shading to provide optimum image uniformity, consistency and faster scanning. Thus driving the growth of 3T MRI into expanding application areas like breast and body imaging.


Contrast uniformity, speed, consistency MultiTransmit technology overcomes dielectric shading by using simultaneous (parallel) transmissions from multiple RF sources. It automatically optimizes the power, amplitude, phase, and waveform for optimal RF uniformity.

All benefits of proven 3.0T technology The system’s exclusive Quasar and Quasar Dual gradient systems offer gradient amplitudes up to 80 mT/m to provide superb performance with excellent linearity.


  • Weight: < 4600kg
  • Bore diameter: 60 cm
  • Maximum FOV: 50x50x45 cm
  • TCryogen: Liquid Helium. Zero boil -off system*.
  • Number of Channels: 16 standard, 32 optional.
  • Parallel RF transmission: Yes, MultiTransmit.
  • RF control: Patient-adaptive and anatomy adaptive for each source, automatic.

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