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ge signa 35t ovation excite open

GE Signa .35T Ovation Excite Open

The GE Signa Ovation 0.35T MRI system is a state of the art, open MR imaging system designed to provide maximum patient comfort.

ge signa 35t ovation excite open


The GE Signa Ovation 0.35T MRI system is a state of the art, open MR imaging system designed to provide maximum patient comfort. Its open, patient-friendly design measures 142 cm (41.5 feet) pole to pole with 16 inches of vertical clearance, to accommodate even larger patients without the trauma of closed quarters. Each GE Signa Ovation 0.35T MRI is equipped with a patient table rated to 225 kg (500 lbs) that can swing 25 degrees to either side and laterally an additional 12 cm (5 inches), an integrated transmit/receive body coil and an optional XL body surface coil.


GE SIGNA .35T Ovation Excite Open gives you the following benefits:

The Signa Ovation is a patient-friendly open MRI scanner designed not only to handle a typical patient mix, but to accommodate larger patients, patients who are claustrophobic, and others who have difficulty tolerating the close quarters of conventional MR machines.


The GE SIGNA .35T Ovation Excite Open provides you with with the following Specification:

  • Real-time interactive imaging at 3.5 frames per sec.
  • Robust gradient system (19mT/m, maximum SR46T/m/sec).
  • 2D slice thickness of 1.4mm – 20mm.
  • 3D slice thickness of 0.2mm – 20mm.
  • Open, patient-friendly design.
  • Maximum patient weight of 225 kg (500 lbs).
  • 4 (8 quad channels) independent high bandwidth receivers.
  • Fastest pulse sequences in Open MRI.
  • Fastest reconstruction, up to 850 images/sec at 2562-FFTs
  • 65% faster post-processing powered by Linux OS.


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