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Siemens Magnetom Concerto 0.2T Open MRI Scanner

The Siemens Magnetom Concerto is an economical Open MRI Scanner. It delivers exceptional image quality and provides an excellent return-on-investment

Siemens Magnetom Concerto Overview

The Magnetom Concerto is easy to site and has low life cycle costs due to the permanent magnet. The powerful gradient system with 20 mT/m and a slew rate of 40 T/m/s permits high field applications on a low field open MRI system. The three-sided fully open magnet results in maximum acceptance of claustrophobic or anxious patients and patient access.


Patient comfort at its best! An open and pleasant magnet design, quiet gradients and acceptable scan times all contribute to maximum patient comfort and acceptance.

MAGNETOM® Concerto is equipped with the high-field components necessary to achieve excellent image quality in very reasonable acquisition times: very strong gradients, a wide selection of advanced sequences and high-field computer performance.

MAGNETOM Concerto is a very economical whole-body MR system due to minimal siting requirements, optimized workflow and low life-cycle costs.

  • Clinical application: Whole body.
  • Configuration: Open MRI.
  • Surface coils: Body coil, head brain, spine, knee, neck, TMJ, extremity, shoulder, others.
  • Spectroscopy: No
  • Pulse sequences: GRE, IR, FIR, STIR, TrueIR/FISP, FSE, MT, SS-FSE, MT-SE, MTC, MSE, GMR, fat/water sat./exc.
  • Imaging modes: Single, multislice, volume study, multi angle.
  • Slice thickness: Min 2D/3D: 0.1/0.05 mm
  • Display matrix: 512 x 512 full screen display
  • Measuring matrix: 64 x 64 to 512 x 512
  • Spatial resolution: 22 micrometer.
  • Magnet type: Permanent.
  • Magnet weight: 11 000 kg
  • Powers requirements: 380/400/420/440/480 V
  • Fields strength: 0.2 T.
  • Strength: 20 mT/m
  • Shimming: Passive, active.