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Philips Gemini GXL 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner

The Philips Gemini GXL 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner performance is driven by breakthrough RapidResolve PET technologies

Philips Gemini GXL Overview

The Philips GEMINI GXL 16 is an open PET/CT system designed to provide increased comfort for claustrophobic and pediatric patients, as well as patients who have a difficult time lying still. You can take advantage of flexibility across diagnostic and treatment planning applications. Easy access to the patient also enhances the ability to perform interventional procedures.


Photon detection: Advances in the GSO crystal enable detection efficiencies for demanding applications, today and tomorrow.

Signal processing: New electronics significantly improve count rate performance. These improvements enable enhanced performance for today’s radioisotopes plus provide broad acceptability for the higher specific activities inherent in radioisotopes used in emerging applications.

Reconstruction: LOR reconstruction creates a robust platform for optimizing image quality by utilizing a complete representation of the PET image data set. Eliminating the sub-sampling required in conventional techniques, LOR removes averaging and consequent image degradation.

  • Minimum room size 24 ft x 14 ft
  • Gantry cooling air-cooled
  • Patient port 70 cm (PET) and 70 cm (CT)
  • Patient scan range 190 cm
  • Physical axial FOV 18 cm
  • Detector material GSO
  • Crystal size 4 x 6 x 30 mm
  • System sensitivity kcps/µCi/cc 3D LLD 410 keV 1,520 (Trues + Scatter) (NU-2 1994)
  • Transverse resolution @ 1 cm 5.1 (NU-2 2001), 4.8 (NU-2 1994)
  • Peak noise equivalent count rate 70 kcps (NU-2 2001)
  • Scatter fraction – 3D 35% (NU-2 2001)