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Flat Panel C-Arm Digital Detector Retrofit

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Upgrade Your C-Arm with a New Flat Panel Digital Detector

Digital Retrofit for OEC 9800 Series C-Arms


Provides “DR” in the OR for Cost Saving & Less Procedure Time

Improve Resolution

Absent “pin-cushion” and “S” distortion, veiling glare and vignetting.

Dose Reduction

Dose efficient digital technology for fluoroscopy and radiography.

Increased Field of View

100% of image area is diagnostic compared to 40% of II center.

Ultra High Resolution Radiography

  • Replaces the Need for Portable X-Rays for Most Surgeries.
  • Instantaneous Display & PACS Storage of Radiographs.

Dose Reduction

  • You have the resolution of the High-Dose small field the II in the full field Low-Dose view of the CMOS panel.
  • Enjoy the high DQE of CMOS technology for X-Rays.

Increase Field of View

  • CMOS panel allows 100% of input to be resolved.
  • Image Intensifier allows a best case resolved image of 40% of input window.
  • Image tube would have to be twice as large to equal the useful image area of the CMOS panel.

Ultra High Resolution Flouroscopy

  • Digital Flouro Allows PACS Storage and Recall of Entire Procedure.
  • Near Radiographic Real-Time Display.

50% Reduced Invasion of the Sterile Field

  • The II/TV package size compared to the CMOS panel is now reduced by 50%.


Change Image Tube

Install Digital Detector

Update Software


Interconnection Hardware and Interface for Existing Wiring

  • Uses existing wiring.
  • No additional wiring necessary.

Maintains Existing Controls and Operational Procedures

  • No retraining required

Weigh Compensated for Balance

Compatible Timings And Format For Use Of Existing Image Processor.

Preserves Automatic Generator Control Such As Auto Brightness Control

  • CMOS sensor imaging technology.
  • Low noise.
  • High DQE.
  • High gain mode for Flouroscopy Exposure Levels.
  • Low gain mode for Radiographic and Serial Radiographic imaging.
  • Automatic exposure sensing used for automatic exposure control.
  • External trigger for image acquisition.
  • X-ray generator Synchronization. (X-ray exposure trigger output).
  • Absence of image lag, ghosting and other artifacts.
  • Maximum frame rate at full resolution.
  • Smart detector option to perform gain, offset, and pixel correction.
  • Complete integration with MX 200e/MX 300e image aquicsition systems,
  • GigE, fiber, or camera link interface.

Our Equipment Specialists
Are Ready To Help You

Our Equipment Specialists
Are Ready To Help You

At Amber Diagnostics, our highly trained professionals have been refurbishing used imaging equipment since 1994. We can customize any system to your liking, according to your financial budget and technical requirements; and you can be sure that Amber is more than capable of handling every question you may have in your purchasing process. From buying, to planning, shipping, installation, and technical service, Amber has you covered.