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patient being imaged with digital rad room

Upgrading Rad Rooms to Digital

As we progress into the future digital images will be the only way to view and store images The Future of Radiology Why are more and more imaging centers choosing to upgrade Rad Rooms to digital? As we progress into the future digital images will … Read more

Digital radiography flat panel detector

Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector

Overview Type: Wireless Pixel Pitch: 140 Scintillator: Csl / GOS Image Size: (cm)43 X 43 Resolution: 3072 X 3072 Applications: General Radiography Price Includes the Following Delivery, Setup and Installation PACS Setup and Overall Interfacing Training and Applications RELATED PRODUCTS

Purchasing DR Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

Main questions an organization should ask before purchasing a Digital Radiography x-ray system Purchasing a DR system can be a controversial topic for any organization. That is because medical imaging equipment is a substantial investment that requires a lot of research before diving in. These … Read more


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