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Why DR is the Clear Choice for X-Ray Equipment Upgrades.

Has your medical facility not made any upgrades to your x-ray capabilities over the last five years or more? We can’t stress how strongly we recommend upgrading to DR panels. The x-ray machine is one of the most popular radiology devices in the industry, first introduced by father of radiology – Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. After that, advancements skyrocketed from Computed Radiography all the way to the latest big development – Digital Radiography.

Multiple medical practitioners have been burdened with scanning with reimbursement cuts for the past few years now. Unfortunately, they’re still concerned that upgrading from CR to flat-planet Digital Radiography is not cost-effective enough for their budget and patient volume. While these concerns are viable when it comes to the up-front price of CR readers compared to the price of a DR panel, the “initial cost” factor isn’t that damaging compared to the cost of ownership over the years from the point of purchase. The following information can be applied to show you why we think you need to upgrade your x-ray system to a DR panel.

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