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is it time to upgrade your ct scanner?

Knowing when to upgrade from your old CT scanner to a newer version can be problematic. Maybe your competitors have upgraded theirs, and you are having a hard time competing. Or perhaps the time is ripe for your old CT scanner to be replaced with a better version. Whatever the reason, if it’s time to upgrade your CT scanner, it’s best to get on it now so you don’t fall behind competitors. But, how do you know when it’s time to upgrade?

So your old CT scanner is giving you trouble these days. You’ve replaced parts more times than you can remember. You could invest a small fortune and repair it. But in the long run, what do you think would be more profitable? Would you rather spend that small fortune on repairing your old device, or on an updated one? If you’re having trouble deciding, it’s best to ask for an expert’s opinion on the case. An easy solution in this case would be to call or email us about your situation.

Now, if your CT scanner is simply not capable of meeting your present-day requirements, it is needless to say that an upgrade is due. If your equipment is not capable of meeting your facility’s needs, you are losing business and not living up to your patients’ expectations. In this case it’s best to upgrade to a more technically advanced and efficient piece of equipment as well as part ways with your old CT scanner while it’s still worth a considerable amount. It will help make up at least a fraction of the total investment needed for the upgrade.

More often than not, we find many facilities postponing an equipment upgrade. They resort to patching up issues in their old CT scanner every now and then without simply selling them and then investing in newer medical imaging equipment. Some find the task of having to pick the most suitable medical imaging equipment for their facility more cumbersome than repairing their old piece of equipment over and over.

If that’s the case however, simply call us and make the process ten times easier. At Amber Diagnostics, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. We don’t just help you pick out the best unit for your facility. We also help you get the best-quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment that suits your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for GE X Ray Equipment, a GE CT Scanner, or any radiology devices from any of the top brands, we guarantee quality refurbished equipment at no rise due to our custom warranty plans. We’ve proudly served the healthcare community for over 25 years, and we’d be thrilled to extend that service to you. Call or email us right away to find out more! You can also browse our wide range of CT devices here.


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