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Amber Houses 25,000 Sq. Feet of Medical Imaging Equipment

Our engineers make sure that all FDA laws and OEM performance specifications are met

Did you know that Amber Diagnostics has a 25,000 square warehouse where we keep all of our refurbished or soon to be refurbished medical imaging and radiology equipment? We have aisle upon aisle of equipment selection, plenty of space for the refurbishment process in which we provide extensive mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic refurbishment; we also have a staging and testing bay where our engineers make sure that all FDA laws and OEM performance specifications are met, and that your new unit will be tested under actual medical applications.

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All of Amber’s employees work in the very same building where the warehouse is kept as well, so if you’re on the phone with one of our sales professionals and want to know how the custom refurbishment process is coming along for your used MRI, CT scanner, C-Arm, Mammography machine, etc., they can walk a few feet to our warehouse and find out! Talking with a variety of companies just to find out how your equipment is doing can be a tedious process, so Amber makes sure to keep things incredibly convenient and hassle free; our end to end service promise extends to every branch of Amber.

Contact us here today to speak with one of our highly skilled used MRI, CT scanner, C-Arm, Mammography and medical imaging experts – we look forward to discussing things with you soon!


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GE Signa HDX 1.5T

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GE LightSpeed PRO 16 Slice CT Scanner

GE LigthSpeed PRO

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