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A New CT Solution

As technology continues to improve with every passing day, so too does the world of medical technologies. Diagnostic imaging is being improved with new equipment and new additions to existing equipment. Everything from hybrid modalities to 3D and 4D technologies are being explored thoroughly. Manufacturers, dealers, repairmen, and scientists are constantly trying to improve the wheel as far as new technologies are concerned.


The FDA has a cleared a new ceiling-mounted intraoperative CT solution, the first of its kind. According to David Graves, CEO of the manufacturing company “This revolutionary solution will be an essential part of the hybrid operating room of the future, especially for the spinal and neurosurgical market.” This type of improvement is an indicator of things to come in the diagnostic imaging market. As MRI scannersX-Ray machinesCT scanners and continue to improve there is a hope that they will become a greater aid for physicians in discovering, properly diagnosing, and treating complex conditions.


This particular Ct solution is a 64 slice scanner that can be shared by adjoining operating rooms. The 501k clearance for this particular CT means that the device itself is safe and effective. It will be very interesting to see what the pros and cons are over the long run. With considerations such as radiation, patient conditions, and human error, the accuracy of this new player will certainly be a major concern.


Considering that this particular CT just got the green light, chances are high that it will be a highly cost prohibitive piece of equipment that will likely have a limited number of owners. Given the push of the BRIC countries for refurbished equipment in smaller regions, and emerging markets also pushing, this will likely not become a feature seen or used normally by practitioners, for a very long time.


With the dimensions of this particular machine, it’s fair to assume that effective site planning will become even more important that before. It’s a safe assumption that, given the description of this CT scanner, there has been a fair amount of consideration given to every possible concern. Like with most technology, there is always something of an unpredictable nature somewhere.


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