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Tips for the Right Radiology Equipment Provider

Once you make the decision for updating your practice in terms of services, there is a key consideration that will make your decision either the best decision you ever made, or a regrettable chain of events. Price is a consideration because you don’t want to be crippled financially, and site planning as well as energy considerations have to be taken into account as well. Ultimately there is a decision on who will be the provider of equipment. Often times it’s important to do your homework on your choices, simply because you want to know you are going with the very best.


There are factors that are important to look at in so far as who will sell you what you want. The factors you and your staff may not consider are the following:


  1. Length of time in the business
  2. Modality specialties
  3. Knowledge of diagnostic imaging
  4. Is there specialized staff?
  5. Brand knowledge
  6. Do they warrant their equipment?
  7. The breakdown of their work
  8. Support
  9. Pricing
  10. Shipping
  11. Payment Facilities
  12. Delivery


At first glance these factors may seem like they are easy enough to understand but it takes a lot of research in order to find these out.

Tips for the Right Radiology Equipment Provider

Length of time in the Business/ Knowledge 

It’s important to know and understand the level of experience of your radiology equipment provider. A lengthy stay in the business means a lot of things. A provider that’s been in the business long is also a flexible provider willing to always go as far as possible for the benefit of the customer. There is likely a broad knowledge of the imaging field in a provider that has been well established.


Modality Specialty/ Staff/ Knowledge of Brands

A provider that knows more than one modality well and has an established installation record is easier to rely upon. A company providing more than one modality, with a successful record, likely relies on a staff that understands what they are selling. There is a good chance that the staff also knows more than one brand and has a way to compare brands to best suit the customer.


Warrants/ Support

If there is a warranty behind the work, the company you are using is the right one for you. The proper warranty means being able to give customers security that everything they purchase will be insured in some manner or another. While refurbished warrants may not be as lengthy, having them is necessary even though the equipment often times works better than new. To have a staff of professionals support you after the purchase is vital in order to go through the set up process successfully.


Pricing/ Shipping/ Payment

It’s important to deal with a company that will understand the need to keep any transaction from becoming cost prohibitive. While sales and profit are an important consideration, the ultimate consideration should be customer satisfaction. When purchasing a modality it’s also vital that the company you are purchasing from make shipping an extremely important part of the transaction. The equipment needs to be treated with the utmost care and handled with great attention to every single detail, from the moment it is loaded to the moment it is delivered. Payment is a consideration, even when the price is affordable it’s necessary to deal with a company that can provide a line of payment that will work with the customer.


The Refurbishing Process Broken Down

Purchasing a refurbished system is not only cost effective but it often times proves to be as effective, and more so, than a new piece of equipment. It is a key to understand how the modality you are purchasing is broken down, re- built and packaged to function as well as new one. When you can see the process from beginning to end and understand how effectively it is enacted by the company you purchase from, you know and understand that you have the right company.

Tips for the Right Radiology Equipment Provider3

We here at Amber Diagnostics pride ourselves in being the right company for your refurbished modality needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a CT scanner, MRI scannerX- Ray machine, or urology suite; we are here to meet your needs. With a team of experts specializing in various systems and over 20 years, we are the company that can provide you with everything you need in order to make your improvement a pleasant experience from beginning to end. From purchase to installation our experience, both in the US and internationally, speaks for what we can do. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us anytime. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.


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