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A New Variation of an Old Favorite, the CT System

The CT scanner is not just used in imaging centers and hospitals but it’s also used in operating rooms as well

What do you think of when you think of the CT scanner? Normally you think of a big round structure with an opening. The CT scanner is not just used in imaging centers and hospitals but it’s also used in operating rooms as well. The CT System is like an old friend that seems to change as the years go by and right now it’s changing again.

A manufacturer out of Massachusetts has received clearance from the FDA for an intraoperative CT scanner. What makes this development great for the world of diagnostic imaging is not solely the implication it has on CT scanning. This development adds yet another increase in dimension for the diagnostic imaging market. Currently, the diagnostic imaging market is experiencing record growth.

The projection for the market is that it will be a 30 billion dollar industry by 2017. It’s this type of development that increases that number. The reason why this is so big is that as time passes this scanner will likely make its way around. To put it in perspective you  have to think about the following things:

  • The BRIC countries will have it, soon.
  • Third world countries with strong healthcare drivers will likely look for refurbished versions of it.
  • This adds a new dimension to the service end of diagnostic imaging.
  • The manufacturer may end up growing as result.
  • This will create new opportunities for refurbished equipment dealers on a local and international basis.

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The system itself is mobile and very compact so it works well inside of an operating room. While the system is new and it will likely be at least two years before it takes off, it will probably be a second coming of sorts. When you think of how the MRI has progressed and about hybrid modalities also coming into play, it’s not a surprise to see this. Like any initial piece of equipment this will likely go through some checks, repairs and small evolution but it will more than likely succeed.

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