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International Markets and Digital Mammography

The reason for the surge is the fact that analog systems, while still useful and affordable, are slowly yielding the way to digital

Digital mammography is quickly becoming a major player in the diagnostic imaging market. Part of the reason for the surge is the fact that analog systems, while still useful and affordable, are slowly yielding the way to digital. The word digital often, sometimes mistakenly, means progress, improvement and something better all around. In the world of imaging, the idea of progress in terms of equipment is vital to success for manufacturers, dealers, and physicians.

With the international markets catching up it’s very important that hospitals and imaging facilities make the necessary change over. The BRIC countries are already taking a lead with powerful healthcare drivers and the insurgence of manufacturers establishing themselves overseas in third world markets only means a far greater improvement as far as equipment quality goes. If you are curious as to what an example may be, think about Kazakhstan.

The public hospitals in Kazakhstan are currently implementing the digital mammography. The healthcare drivers in countries like Kazakhstan include a strong emphasis on better equipment for monitoring complex conditions such as cancer and multiple other diseases that require early detection. Breast cancer, being the best example of early detection as the greatest way to a cure, is one of those conditions.

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While it was a specific healthcare company that won a specific contract from the Ministry of Health in Kazakhstan it does have greater implications. The way things work it’s likely that independent imaging centers will begin to sprout up with greater frequency and while one company is taking care of implementing digital mammography in Hospitals, independent centers will likely sprout up.

Even though the ministry of health controls most facilities there is still a great degree of possibility for private providers. With the healthcare reforms that have been proposed and the work being done to improve it, that market can only become stronger. As the statistics continue to evolve, there is a likelihood that this market may represent a small but positive change in the face of the value of the market.

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