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Benefits of Z-motion U-Arm Systems

X-ray technology has offered a significant contribution to the medical industry

We’ve observed a variety of advances in the medical imaging world, but it is essential to remember where it all started: X-ray technology. X-ray technology has offered a significant contribution to the medical industry.

We’ve seen different types of x-ray technologies being introduced in the market over the years. And, with the variety of different equipment comes different features that have helped enhance medical procedures to offer better diagnostic and operational advantages to patients.

One of the new x-ray systems that have been introduced is the U-arm x-ray system. These systems have shown prominent popularity over the years since its introduction. The U-arm configuration offers a significant degree of scanning flexibility and a smaller footprint as compared to the more traditional RAD room configurations. However, while popularity may provide a wide field of options, performing the right research should be able to tell you whether you require these systems. Below you can find a variety of features to study and determine if your facility may benefit through a U-arm z-motion x-ray system.

Scanning flexibility

The Z-motion U-Arm system has the ability to rotate further than others and has a higher source to image distance. These systems are also equipped with a 4-way floating table. The dimensions of these systems offer a significant amount of patient positioning flexibility, especially for cross-table lateral studies.

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While the U-arm itself offers a variety of models in the market, the Z-motion U-Arm system is one that provides the advantage of anti-collision sensors. This plus point is entirely beneficial when it comes to motioned movements and offers safety to patients and the equipment itself to avoid damage. If an object is in the path of the arm of the Z-motion U-Arm system and the collision sensor fails to detect it, the system will release the motor clutch for disengaging motion.

The ability to retain value

When a medical facility decides to sell its Z-motion system, a strong price can be expected in the secondary market. Used Z-motions are quite rare to find and are also sold quickly when the systems are available for purchase.

If your medical facility is looking for optimal flexibility in an X-ray system, Z-Motion U-arm Systems are the perfect option. Like mentioned above, used or refurbished Z-Motion U-arm Systems are rare to find, but Amber USA has got you covered. At Amber USA we help you find the best Z-Motion U-arm System that perfectly matches your budget and needs.

At Amber USA we also issue a variety of other used and refurbished x-ray equipment for sale from reputed brands in the market, with a wide variety to choose from. Contact us now if you’re looking for more information on medical imaging equipment purchases!


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