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Digital X-ray retrofit portable screen

Upgrade to Digital With a Quick Digital X-ray Retrofit

Digital Retro Fit for your portable x-ray machine Analog portable machines are outdated and need to be replaced with digital equipment to remain competitive and compatible with other health care networks. Doctors and patients are expecting images and results to be easily accessible and electronically … Read more

Collage of many X-rays in very good quality.

Mobile X-Ray Machine Pros And Cons

A mobile x-ray machine can be disassembled to fit inside the trunk of a car, moves manually, and the unit is powered by a wall outlet How is Mobile X-Ray Different from Portable X-Ray? Lots of companies and radiological websites use “portable” and “mobile” interchangeably … Read more

Rad room being used by patient and tech

Costs to Know when Purchasing a Rad Room

The following are five essential costs to consider when purchasing Radiographic Rooms The technology and features on new Rad Rooms have not changed within the last ten years. This makes refurbished equipment a great option for facilities on a limited budget. And in some cases, … Read more

Benefits of Z-motion U-Arm Systems

X-ray technology has offered a significant contribution to the medical industry We’ve observed a variety of advances in the medical imaging world, but it is essential to remember where it all started: X-ray technology. X-ray technology has offered a significant contribution to the medical industry. … Read more

Medical imaging equipment for veterinarians

Medical Imaging Equipment for Veterinarians

A few things to consider when purchasing veterinary medical imaging equipment Whether you’re treating humans or animals in your facility, your medical practices require medical imaging equipment. However, the imaging equipment that is required for veterinary practices can differ from medical practices. Being able to … Read more

Is Wireless X-Ray Right For Me?

There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to wireless, so it’s best to do your research before you take the dive Choosing to upgrade your x-ray system to wireless x-ray is a big step for your facility. But is it right for … Read more

Lead Lining: Is It Required For My X-Ray Room?

Any system that produces radiation will need lead lining consideration from you and your team Considering lead lining for your imaging modalities is always a crucial part of the purchasing process. Any system that produces radiation – rad or R/F rooms, c-arms, x-rays, CT systems – … Read more

A.I. not likely to replace radiologists

A.I. Not Likely to Replace Radiologists (Thankfully)!

AI can assist radiologists in interpreting routine chest X-rays, but is unable to fully take over the radiologist’s Though we continually hear rumors that AI will take over the radiology industry, according to new research there’s some good news for those that worry. According to … Read more

Dr. William Coolidge and his new magic ray

International Day of Radiology 2017: Meet William Coolidge

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s and the discovery of X-Rays on Nov. 8th, 1895 Today is the International Day of Radiology, coinciding with Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery of X-Rays on Nov. 8th, 1895. In honor of today, we’ll focus on an important contributor to the radiology industry: William David Coolidge. … Read more

X-Ray Machine Main Page Video

When considering an X-Ray machine think about your space requirements, patient volume, and of course, your budget It looks like you might be interested in Amber’s X-Ray Machines. Amber Diagnostics has been providing installation and service for used X-Ray equipment  since 1993, so you can … Read more

What is an X-Ray Machine?

The X-Ray machine is the oldest form of medical imaging as well as the most common The X-Ray is the oldest form of medical imaging as well as the most common. Discovered in 1895 by Wilhem Conrad Roentgen (and by complete chance, as a matter of … Read more


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