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Brain Can Reverse Signs of Schizophrenia, MRI Studies Show

In recent MRI studies conducted by the Robarts Research Institute, Western University, the University of Nottingham, and other institutes in China and Canada, it was found that schizophrenic patient’s brains can actually heal themselves, as well as fight the disease.

Schizophrenia is categorized by a large reduction in brain tissue in the most parts of the brain. 98 schizophrenic patients and 83 patients without the disease were enrolled into the study, in which MRI was used to record an increase in brain tissue of the schizophrenia sufferers in the smaller regions of their brains.

This is huge news for patients of the debilitating disease, which interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions, and relate to others. Common symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and lack of insight, in which the patient is completely unaware that he suffers from the illness.

The results of the study concluded that a reduction in cortical thickness in the brain was, at the same time, paired with an increase in the thickness in distributed regions of the brain. There was also shown to be a reduced deviation from the control patients with increasing duration of the illness.

The slight reorganization of the cerebrum indicates that the brain has an inherent plasticity that may occur accompanied by tissue reduction in adult schizophrenic patients.

Source: MRI Data Shows Human Brain Can Reverse Effects of Schizophrenia

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