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When it Comes to MRI and CT Systems, Which Manufacturer is Best?

The three leaders in the healthcare industry that most people know of are GE, Philips, and Siemens. But what are the differences between the leaders, and why should you choose one over the other, especially when it comes to an MRI machine or CT systems? Below we’re going to take a look at the major players in the healthcare industry so you can choose what’s right for your facility.GE: GE is probably the best known out of the medical imaging producers, which means purchasing their equipment will be significantly higher than with other manufacturers. However, engineers are almost always trained to work on GE equipment, and parts availability will always be high, so your service costs for GE systems will be lower. GE also produces very upgradable systems, which makes it easier to gain a better system for a lower cost.

Philips: Philips medical imaging is pretty much the opposite of GE. Their upfront costs will be much lower, but the systems service costs will be higher because some engineers are not trained to work on them. Parts availability will also be lower. Philips does have superior image quality for a great price, though, so definitely take them into consideration.Siemens: Taking a look at Siemens, they will have a higher upfront cost like GE, and an ongoing service cost similar to Philips. Siemens has a great perk, though, which is that they have wide bore MRI models available on the secondary market, which GE and Philips do not have the advantage of.

Which make and model you choose depends entirely on your facilities patient requirements and your budget. When you are ready to discuss your options on the “big three,” whether it be for a used MRI machine, used CT systems, or any of our other used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, contact us here today.

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