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Call for Action May Change Things

Radiation is not just a concern for practitioners and patients but also for Service technicians and repair specialists in the diagnostic imaging world. The latest goals in terms of radiation have been outlined for three years, since the Bonn Call for Action.


This particular convention took place in Bonn, Germany in 2012 and was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency. They outlined five goals:


  1. To strengthen the radiation protection of patients and health workers overall.
  2. To attain the highest benefit with the least possible risk to all patients by the safe and appropriate use of ionizing radiation in medicine.
  3. To aid the full integration of radiation protection into health care systems.
  4. To help improve the benefit/risk-dialogue with patients and the public.
  5. To enhance the safety and quality of radiological procedures in medicine.



What does it mean? It’s not just about the patient but if these protocols are followed and proper rules are put into place it may also help technicians whose job exposes them to radiation and possible leaks. While this is not outlined as a goal chances are that there will be eventual protocols put into place that aide service technicians.



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