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CT Machine Comparison Chart, GE Lightspeed RT 16 vs. Philips Brilliance 16

GE LightSpeed RT 16 vs. Philips Brilliance 16-slice (8.0 MHU)

CT Scanner Model > LightSpeed RT 16

> Brilliance 16-Slice

CompanyGE HealthcarePhilips Healthcare
FDA Clearance/ CE MarkYES, 2008 (both)YES
Intended UseTreatment planning, bariatrics & general radiology (including CTA and CTC)Neuro, general radiology
GeometryRotate-rotate, slip ringRotate-rotate, 16-slice
Detectors, typeHiLight, ceramic matrix IISolid-state GOS
Detector width20 mm0.75 mm
# of rows2416
Reconstructed slice
width options (mm)
0.625, 1.25, 2.5,
3.75, 5, 7.5, 10
0.6 – 12
Elements per row912672
# of detection elements21,88816,128
Rotation times, sec., 360°0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1, 2, 3, 40.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2; 0.4
PartialN/A0.28, 0.33 (240)
X-ray fan beam angle55 degrees57 degrees
Gantry tilt30 degrees+/- 30 degrees
Gantry dimensions (cm)
(H x W x D)
189 x 223 x 101203 x 239 x 94
Gantry weight1920 kg1764 kg
Gantry aperture80 cm70 cm
Scan localizerLaserLaser
CT Scanner Model > LightSpeed RT 16 > Brilliance 16-Slice
X-ray tube anodeN/SN/S
Heat storage, HU8,000,0008 (MRC technology)
Dissipation rate, HU/min1,782,0001608 kHU
Tube coolingOil/airOil/air
Tube focal spot (mm)1.2 x 1.2 to 0.9 x 0.7Small 0.5 x 1, large 1 x 1
Optional x-ray tubesN/AN/S
kW output10060
kVp range80, 100, 120, 14090, 120, 140
mA range10 to 80020 to 500 in 1 mA increments
Max scan time120 seconds100 seconds
Max scan volume170 cm (200 option)175 cm
Spatial resolution, lp/cmSame as axialUp to 24
Pitch0.5625, 0.9375, 1.3750.2 to 1.7
Reconstruction time
per image
Up to 16 ipsN/S
Vertical43 to 99.1 cm58 to 103 cm
Longitudinal170 cm (200 option)190 cm
Scannable range170 cm (200 option)175 cm
Max load capacity
w/ accuracy (kg)
650 lb or 500 lb +/-0.25mm204 +/-0.25
Computer CPUOpen architecture (LINUX)Intel, Windows OS
Scan FOVs10 to 50Up to 50
Reconstruction matrices512 x 512512×512; 768×768; 1024×1024
Reconstruction time, secUp to 16 ipsN/S
Per slice, secAs fast as 0.063Up to 20ips w/ 3-D cone beam
For localization scan, secReal timeN/S

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CT Scanner Model > LightSpeed RT 16 > Brilliance 16-Slice
Monitor size2 – 19 inch LCD19 inch LCD
Matrices1280 x 1024 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels
Range of CT numbers-1024 to 3072-1024 to 3072
Image enlargementUp to 8xAvailable
Maximum # of slices
displayed at once
161,000 w/ scrolling
Hard disk, MB73 GB146 GB
# of online images250,000; 512 x 512 matrix250,000
Archival storage8.5 GB DVD-R/CD-RDVD-RAM, CD-R
Dose-modulation techniqueSmartmA-
3-D dose modulation
DoseRight ACS
DoseRight D-DOM
DoseRight Z-DOM
dose control
Color coding for kidsPediatric protocols
Prospective ECG gatingN/AAvailable
Retrospective ECGN/AAvailable
Min. inter-scan time, sec10.5
Dynamic scan rate
High-contrast spatial res.15.4/8.5Ultra-high resolution
0% MTF, lp/cm15.424
50% MTF, lp/cm8.58
Low contrast resolution
(mm at % at 4 rads)
5 at 0.3% at 13.3 mGy;
4 at 0.3%
Noise (% at 2.5 rads)0.32 at 2.85 rads0.27
CT AngiographyStandard (MiP)Available
CT SimulationOptionalAvailable
3-D PackageOptionalAvailable
DICOM 3.0 interfaceYESYES
Additional featuresWide-bore, multi-purpose capabilities such as routine scans, interventional procedures, radiation therapy planning and scan trauma. Other features: AutoScan, AutoFilm, AutoVoice, AutoArchive, AutoTransfer,
SmartPrep, ProtocolPro, View/Edit Wizard, DynaPlan Plus, ImageWorks, ProView, remote tilt, in-room start, rear gantry control, breathing lights,
SmartView fluoro option

The Bottom Line: The GE LightSpeed 16-slice has features that separate itself from the Philips product. GE has a higher Kw rating (100) and mA (800). The GE also offers a higher scan at 120 seconds, compared to Philips’ at 100 seconds. However, the Philips Brilliance 16 system is much more affordable, possibly saving someone around 20 to 30% compared to the GE unit. If these differences, features or any other items on this comparison chart do not make a difference for your specific application, then the Philips system may prove to be a scanner that will fall within your price range.