We have witnessed large growth within the CT Scanner industry. They provide greater tools that allow the expert many chances to perform extensive studies. However all equipment is not created equal. Below is a chart that reflects the key differences and similarities of the GE LightSpeed Pro 32 and the Philips Brilliance CT 40.


GE LightSpeed Pro 32Philips Brilliance CT 40
Scanner Gantry:
Scan fields of view (cm)25 and 5025 and 50
Tilt range (degrees)3030
Vertical movement range out of gantry43 - 9952 - 104
Maximum weight allowed on couch (kg)225204
X-ray generator:
Power setting (kW)10060
kV settings available80, 100, 120, 14090, 120, 140
mA Range and Step size10 - 800 (5mA steps)30 - 500 (1mA steps)
X-ray Tube:
Type and makeGE Performance ProPhilips MRC
Focal spot size (s) (mm), quoted to IEC 336/93 standard0.6 x 0.7 0.9 x 0.90.5 x 1.0 1.0 x 1.0
Anode heat capacity (MHU)88
Method of coolingOil to airOil to air
Detection system:
Detector typeSolid state (HiLight/Lumex)Solid state (High speed ceramic)
Number of detectors per row888 (plus 18 reference elements)690
Total effective length of detector array at isocenre (mm)4040
System start-up and calibration:
Power -on to warm-up time from fully off (mins)25
Scan parameters:
Reconstruction fields of view (cm)9.6 to 505 - 50 (0.1 steps)
Norminal slice widths (mm) and number of simultaneous slices (axial scans)8x0.625, 32x0.625, 32x1.25 [8x0.625, 32x0.625, 64x0.625]40x0.625, 32x1.25, 16x2.5, 2x0.5 [64x0.625, 2x0.5]
Max. mA allowed for each kV80kV: 675mA 100kV: 770mA 120kV: 800mA 140kV: 715mA90Kv: 500mA 120kV: 500mA 140kV: 430mA
Helical scanning:
Number of silmultaneous slices at each rotation time32 [64]40[64]
Maximum number of rotations in one helical run at standard abdomen parameters200 rotations at 270-38 mA at 0.6 s [20 rotations at 230-325mA at 0.6s]200
Maximum continuous scan time (s)60100
Scan projection radiography (SPR):
Maximum SPR length (mm) 19001500
Real time imageNoNo
Factors affecting image quality:
Adaptive filtration for noise reductionLow signal correctionAdaptive image enhancement or smoothing for three density ranges
Number of imaging detectors per row888672
Operator's console:
Image area matrix dimensions512 x 512, 768 x 768, 1024 x 10241024 x 1024
Main computer:
Operating systemLinux RedHat 7.3Windows XP
Type and speed of CPU2 x 2.88 GHz2 x 3.06 GHz
Image reconstruction on main console:
Reconstruction time from the start of data acquisition to the appearance of the 30th image of a series for an axial spince scan (s)Info not available1.75
Simultaneous scanning and reconstructionYesYes
Installation requirements:
Gantry dimensions (HxWxD (mm)) and weight (kg)1887 x 2230 x 1007, 1954 kg2030 x 2290 x 940, 1764 kg
Couch dimensions (HxWxL (mm)) and weight (kg)1094 x 650 x 2850, 445 kg1010 x 690 x 2490, 383 kg
Power supply requirements3 phase 380-480V, 150kVA3 phase 380-480V, 90kVA


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