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Floor Mounted Cath Labs vs. Ceiling Mounted

Have you had the chance to take a look at Amber’s selection of cath labs? If you have you may notice we offer two different models: the GE Innova 3100 IQ, and the Philips Allura FD20. At first glance, they may not look that different, but the GE model is floor mounted, while the Philips model is ceiling mounted. Choosing imaging equipment for your facility is usually up to personal preference, and ceiling mounted cath labs versus floor mounted are no different. What works for your practice will not work for every practice, this much is known. However, there are still some key differences between floor mounted and ceiling mounted cath labs that should be considered when making such an important decision.

A factor you want to think about with cath lab options is your cath suite ceiling height. With the GE Innova 3100, you are allowed a bit more flexibility because the only things that will be hanging from the ceiling will be monitors and shield/light hanging (which we’ll get to below). GE recommends 9’6” from cath lab floor to ceiling in order to accommodate the hanging aspects of the machine. They offer a little leeway when it comes to this as their minimum height is 9’, and a maximum deflection of 1/16” when the rails of the structure are under load.  The floor for the Innova must be level 1/18” over 10’.

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