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Floor Mounted Cath Labs vs. Ceiling Mounted

Key differences between floor mounted and ceiling mounted Cath labs that should be considered

Have you had the chance to take a look at Amber’s selection of cath labs? If you have you may notice we offer two different models: the GE Innova 3100 IQ, and the Philips Allura FD20. At first glance, they may not look that different, but the GE model is floor mounted, while the Philips model is ceiling mounted. Choosing imaging equipment for your facility is usually up to personal preference, and ceiling mounted cath labs versus floor mounted are no different. What works for your practice will not work for every practice, this much is known. However, there are still some key differences between floor mounted and ceiling mounted cath labs that should be considered when making such an important decision.

A factor you want to think about with cath lab options is your cath suite ceiling height. With the GE Innova 3100, you are allowed a bit more flexibility because the only things that will be hanging from the ceiling will be monitors and shield/light hanging (which we’ll get to below). GE recommends 9’6” from cath lab floor to ceiling in order to accommodate the hanging aspects of the machine. They offer a little leeway when it comes to this as their minimum height is 9’, and a maximum deflection of 1/16” when the rails of the structure are under load.  The floor for the Innova must be level 1/18” over 10’.

As you can imagine, the FD20 is a little bit different. I’m kidding, there’s a huge difference here. With the FD20, the gantry interacts with the table, which means there are very specific requirements involved in site planning. Ceiling height requirements from Philips are 9’6 3/16” with an allowance to be 3/8” higher, but not any lower. The ceiling itself must be square, and level to within +/- 1/16” per 39”.

The full movement of the gantry is important to consider when site planning, as the entire operation rests on it being able to interact with the table and patient. You also have to ensure the floor is completely level, and within the same tolerances as the ceiling – 1/16” for every 39”.

Which cath lab you choose may end up being determined by the ceilings and floors of your current building, but there’s always the option to remodel if you want a specific style bad enough.

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Another thing to think about: Floor mounted cath labs and ceiling mounted require a ceiling structure to be installed, but the weight that’ll be hanging from the ceiling is different for each one. For example, the GE Innova 3100 will need to hang the monitor boom, along with possibly surgical lights and a lead shield. Together these weigh around 700 pounds or so.

Depending on the options you decide on for your system, the set of monitor boom along with lights and lead shielding will also be around 700 pounds (closer to 750-760 really) for the ceiling mounted FD20 system. However, the difference comes in that the ceiling support for the FD20 will also need to carry the 2,557 pound gantry, averaging a total of around 3,300 pounds. With more weight that must be supported on the ceiling, this will also mean stronger materials must be used in order to carry such heavy machinery. And with stronger materials and hardy ceiling structure comes much more labor intensive work, meaning a more costly installation all around.

Both the GE Innova 3100 IQ and the Philips Allura FD20 are fantastic systems, and if your ceilings are already 9’6” ish, you’re good to go with either. Both models have pivot controls, but the FD20’s C-Arm can be moved completely away from the table if need be, which makes it more alluring for some.

Hopefully with the above points considered, you’ll feel more comfortable choosing which cath lab system is right for your facility. And when you’re ready to take that step and begin your cath lab journey, Amber’s expert team will be here to help. Contact us here today to get started!


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