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How To Extend The Battery Life On Your C-Arm

Plugging in the C-arm every day will extend the battery life of your C-arm and keep it operating to it’s peak capacity.

C-arms are expensive, massive pieces of equipment that require a lot of power to run. They are used in surgery, gastrointestinal labs, and pain centers around the world for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This article will cover basic strategies to maintain and extend the life of C-arm batteries.

First, why do C-arms have batteries? After all the C-arm is plugged into a wall outlet with unlimited electrical supply. So…why does it still need batteries to run?

C-arms require a lot of power to generate 40 – 120 KV of electricity to produce x-rays. The wall outlet provides power for the monitors only but not enough for the C-arm to generate x-rays.

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