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Know The Quantum Rad Room Options

General rad rooms have just gotten smarter with Quantum’s wide selection of smart rad room digital systems.

All Quantum Rad rooms are compatible with both DR and CR systems which makes upgrades on current rad rooms easy and affordable.

Quantums “Drive” upgrade offers a 17 by 17 inch fixed panel and/or a 14 by 17 inch tethered panel with your choice of cesium iodide or gadolinium oxysulfide detectors. The Wireless cassettes allows images to be transferred to other workstations or sent to Pacs for later viewing.

All HF generator model’s exam protocols are equipped with TECH ViSION installed on the X-ray collimator head.

Tech Vision Feature offers the utmost in positioning convenience and patient safety. The technologist positions the patient and selects the study while at the bedside.

The generator outputs on all units are 32 KW – 80 KW that generate up to 150 KvP. Suitable for lumbar, abdominal and extremity exams.

The Quest and Odyssey HF Series can be plugged into a standard wall outlet to operate without the need for bulky generators and transformers. This set up is ideal for smaller departments.

The Quantum rad room systems are pre-programmed with common Exam protocols such as lumbar spines, clavicles, and abdominal exams. Simply select the study such as Ribs or extremity exams and all the views appear on the LCD panel user interface.  

Plus, the programmable feature allows to custom-make menus to fit any institution’s exam protocols.

Let’s look at the Tube stand, Table and upright Buckey options available

Tube Stand Options

Floor mounted units:

Are suitable for orthopedic facilities, surgery centers, and immediate care facilities that have a large volume of outpatients and general x-ray exams. Installation and setup are a snap, and they are great for smaller facilities with limited ceiling weight capacities.   

There are two floor models to choose from

  • Floor Mount: QS-550 Deluxe Floor Mounted Tubestand
  • Floor to Wall Mount Model: QS-508 Radiographic Tubestand

Ceiling Mounted Units:

The ceiling mounted Tube support offers the ultimate in maneuverability. Suited for hospitals, and trauma centers that have a high volume of inpatients and trauma exams.

The CMT RS-590 multi-track ceiling mounted unit enables the tube to move all directions with minimal movement of the patient’s bed or wheelchair. Even extreme tube angles are achieved without moving the hospital bed or wheelchair closer to the x-ray tube.  

Bucky Options

  • VERTi-Q: QW-420 Wall Stand

The Verti-Q wall stand offers tube mounted patient safety handles for both PA and Lateral positions.

  • VERTI-Q Side Mounted: QW-420-S Space Saving Wall Stand

This Unique chest stand offers a side mounted chestboard For a Space saving option. You can position somebody for a PHS directly underneath the board without The column blocking the way.  

  • VERTI-Q TILT: QW-420-MT Manual Tilting wall stand.

Offers the most positioning options. The chest stand can be converted to a tabletop for upper extremity exams Wrists, hands, forearms, fingers etc.

  • VERTI-Q Tilt: QW-420-T Motorized Tilting Wall Stand

The motorized stand allows the Chest board to automatically go from 90 degrees upright to 0 degrees at the push of a button.

The Vertical travel 60” with a minimum of 15.0” minimum focal spot-to-floor distance is ideal for doing lower extremity weight bearing studies such as feet, ankles, and knees,

Quantum QT-750 Table

Table Options

All tables can accommodate patient weights from 650 to 700 lbs.

  • Elevating: QT-750 “Quiet-Lift Elevating/Float-top Radiographic Table

With a push of the foot switch the technologist can move the 11.5” table from side to side and up and down without moving the patient. The quiet lift feature elevates the table without making loud sounds which could startle the patient.

  • 4-way Floating: QT-740 Float-Top Radiographic Table

The floating table feature makes moving the 11.5” table from side to side and vertical movements easy. The low absorption makes for easy clean-up.

  • Stationary: QT-730 Radiographic Enclosed Style Table

Ideal for smaller facilities with limited budgets and low patient volumes. The stationary table prevents the table from moving while positioning the patient.

  • Elevating: QT-712-EV Elevating Mobile Float-Top Radiographic Table.

The movable table is ideal for smaller X ray rooms that cannot accommodate a typical hospital bed. The X ray table can be used to transport the patient from the room to the x-ray department for spinal and abdominal x-ray exams.

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