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Know The Quantum Rad Room Options

General rad rooms have just gotten smarter with Quantum’s wide selection of smart rad room digital systems.

All Quantum Rad rooms are compatible with both DR and CR systems which makes upgrades on current rad rooms easy and affordable.

Quantums “Drive” upgrade offers a 17 by 17 inch fixed panel and/or a 14 by 17 inch tethered panel with your choice of cesium iodide or gadolinium oxysulfide detectors. The Wireless cassettes allows images to be transferred to other workstations or sent to Pacs for later viewing.

All HF generator model’s exam protocols are equipped with TECH ViSION installed on the X-ray collimator head.

Tech Vision Feature offers the utmost in positioning convenience and patient safety. The technologist positions the patient and selects the study while at the bedside.

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