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Is a Stand Up MRI Right for Your Business?

If you’re worried about claustrophobic or antsy patients, the Stand Up Fonar MRI may just be the best bet for you. It allows the patient to be more comfortable without sacrificing diagnostic potential. In fact, the Stand Up MRI allows the body’s organs to be seen in their normal functioning position: upright. In terms of imaging quality, Stand Up MRI’s are just as good as 1.5T scanners. In fact, if you looked at an image made by a Stand Up MRI and put it next to an image made by a 1.5T, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

With a Stand Up MRI, the patient is placed upright – allowing the entire body to be scanned with the normal weight of the body on the spine and other joints. This leads to a more accurate diagnosis as many patients may only experience symptoms when in an upright position.

During the scan, the patient will simply walk in, sit down, and may even have a T.V. in front of them to get their mind off the imaging procedure at hand. This simple, convenient procedure is a significantly easier option for patients who struggle with claustrophobia or anxiety.

The Fonar Upright MRI offers radiation-free monitoring, which is a comfort to many. It can even scan children who sit in their mother’s lap, without exposing them to radiation and without requiring anesthesia. Overweight patients will also find comfort in the Stand Up MRI.

The greatest benefit it offers, however, is the opportunity to recreate the body positions in which patients may feel pain, revealing causes of injury that might be undetected on regular MRI scanners.

Full benefits of the Stand Up MRI include:
  • Scans patients in flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral bending.
  • Scans patients with the weight of the body on the spine and other supporting joints.
  • Scans patients in sitting positions.
  • Scans cardiovascular patients upright in their position of symptoms.
  • Scans patients with cerebrovascular insufficiency in the upright position of symptoms for better analysis.
  • Provides an unobstructed view from inside the magnet. There is nothing in front of the patient’s face.

A Stand Up MRI machine can be a vital addition to your medical facility and provides an extra option that’s beneficial for many patients. If you are considering a Fonar Stand Up MRI, give one of our professionals a call or contact us here. We’ve served the healthcare community for over 25 years by offering affordable and high quality refurbished and pre-owned medical equipment, as well as full turnkey service and technical support, so we’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions. Click here to go to our Stand Up MRI page on our website.

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