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Mobile X-Ray Machine Pros And Cons

A mobile x-ray machine can be disassembled to fit inside the trunk of a car, moves manually, and the unit is powered by a wall outlet

How is Mobile X-Ray Different from Portable X-Ray?

Lots of companies and radiological websites use “portable” and “mobile” interchangeably which can be confusing among imaging professionals. In this blog, we will go over the differences as well as mobile x-ray machine pros and cons.

A mobile x-ray machine can be disassembled to fit inside the trunk of a car, moves manually, and the unit is powered by a wall outlet. They are quite popular among x-ray companies that drive to nursing homes to take plain x-rays. The mobile x-ray machine pros and cons also make mobile x-rays a great cost-effective solution for urgent care facilities, outpatient centers, or chiropractic offices with space issues. Portable x-ray units, on the other hand, are larger and heavier. They cannot fit inside a trunk of a car. The units need a power source to move and cannot be easily disassembled or manually lifted. Portable x-ray machines are powered by rechargeable batteries and transformers which accounts for their large size and weight.

Mobile X-Ray Machines Pros and Cons

Mobile X-Ray Pros

  • Disassembles in minutes to fit inside the trunk of a car
  • Can be moved manually without the need of a power source
  • Small and maneuverable in tight spaces
  • Lightweight 147 pounds (66 kG)
  • Low cost
  • Can be used in rural areas and communities that do not have on-site imaging centers

Mobile X-Ray Cons

  • The machine needs to be near a wall outlet to power the machine
  • May not have enough power to x-ray larger patients
  • Patients must be lifted to place the cassette underneath the body part to be imaged

Mobile X-Ray Machines Pros and Cons – Analog

Mobile X-Ray ProsAnalog

  • Cheaper than digital machines
  • Easier to maintain. They don’t have many parts that need to be replaced such as laptops, viewing screens, batteries, imaging plates, etc.
  • No need for WiFi or Dicom devices to transfer images.
  • No need for batteries to power the cassettes

Mobile X-Ray ConsAnalog

  • Requires multiple cassettes to be stored on the unit
  • Cassettes need to be processed or scanned to view the images
  • Requires accurate technical settings for optimal images.

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Mobile X-Ray Machines Pros and Cons – Digital

Mobile X-Ray ProsDigital

  • Uses less radiation
  • The image can be evaluated bed side without the need to process the cassette
  • Technical factors do not have to be accurate which allows wider exposure latitudes.
  • The image contrast and brightness can be adjusted on the unit.
  • Digital Images can be transferred to other healthcare facilities or printed out on a disc.

Mobile X-Ray ConsDigital

  • Digital machines cost more
  • Digital imaging plates and cassettes have weight limits.
  • Bodily fluids or liquids may damage the DR imaging plate
  • DR plates break easily if dropped
  • There may be connectivity issues with WiFi on digital machines
  • Imaging plates require battery power

Digital Imaging is The Standard of X-Ray Imaging

Digital mobile x-ray machines can be an expensive option for most imaging departments. But they are a “must have” if outpatient centers and immediate care facilities are going to compete in today’s healthcare market. Doctors expect images and results to be transferred to their offices in under an hour. Patients want copies of their X-rays to take home.

graph depicting stationary and mobile x-ray markets up to 2022

“A refurbished digital mobile x-ray machine is an inexpensive way to keep up with technology.”

Most hospital’s department’s funds are diverted to deal with the on-going pandemic. And until the population is vaccinated hospitals are going to focus their spending on beds, respirators and isolation rooms. Therefore, more and more imaging departments are looking for cost-effective imaging solutions.   

Luckily, there’s an answer and it doesn’t require high tech, expensive machines or a huge budget to buy quality equipment.

Amber Has Many Mobile X-Ray Machines that Fit All Budgets and Imaging Requirements

Hopefully, the mobile x-ray machine pros and cons covered in this blog have given you a good idea what machine you need for your department. Refurbished x-ray machines are a great cost-effective option for hospitals, chiropractic practices, urgent care facilities and other imaging departments. Amber offers factory reconditioned units, saving 30 to 50% compared to new mobile x-ray machines.

The image quality on refurbished portable x-ray machines are just as good as any other state of the art mobile x-ray machine on the market. Plus, all of Amber’s equipment is backed by their nationwide warranty, service, and support. 

amber diagnostics used and refurbished mobile x-ray machines

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