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MRI Site Planning Checklist Guide

Use the following MRI site planning check list as a site planning reference

Overview of Key Aspects

Use the following MRI site planning check list as a site planning reference for key aspects to consider when designating an imaging facility for an MRI.

MRI Site Planning Room Layout Diagram
Amber Diagnostics’ Overhead MRI Suite Diagram

Primary MRI Areas

Exam Room
Control Room
Equipment Room (power supplies and RF equipment)
Cryogen Storage
Reading Room

Secondary MRI Areas

Quality Control and Service
Patient Preparation and Emergency Procedure Space
Reception and Waiting Area
Soiled and Clean Utility

Additional Areas (can be shared area or remote from the MRI)

Administrative and Conference Space
Additional Storage

Magnetic Field Homogeneity Protection

Amount of Steel Shielding at Location
Structural Iron and Steel
Symmetrical Location of Ferrous Structures or Objects
Moving Ferrous Objects (elevators, vehicular traffic, lift trucks, etc.)

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Environmental Protection

Three Dimensional Survey of Magnetically Sensitive Devices & Equipment
Acceptable Distance from Center of Magnet (will depend on magnet field strength & shielding design)

Radiofrequency Shielding

Appropriate RF Shielding (based on site survey and OEM specifications)
Avoid Light Dimmers & Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts in Magnet Room

Construction & Access

Equipment Transportation (access for unloading and installation)
Access for Cryogens & Cryogen Venting (normal and quench)
Floor Levelness & Ceiling Heights
Well Controlled Access to Magnet Room and Facility

Magnetic Field Protection Lead Shielding Installation
Amber Diagnostics’ tech team installing lead shielding
MRI Site Planning Complete Installation
GE Signa Final MRI Suite Installation

Facility Environment

Air Conditioning (controlled temperature in scan room)
Electrical Supplies
Water Supply & Floor Drains
Chilled Water Supply
Fire Hazards and Safety (no sprinklers or non-ferrous extinguishers)
Housekeeping (no ferrous cleaning supplies)
Personnel Protection (metal detection routines are recommended)

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