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Basic Overview of the C-Arm Machine


A C-arm system is an overhead x-ray image intensifier that provides real-time detailed viewing of anatomic structures using fluoroscopic dyes. The system is a non-invasive device that does not enter the patient’s body, making it safe for screening before, during and after procedures.

These machines are mobile, easily transportable, and can be used in confined spaces. The unit’s support structure is shaped like the letter “C”, and is capable of being adjusted to different settings based on the application. The special arced semi-circular design also permits the physician to rotate and angle an x-ray tube without moving the patient. Furthermore, using a moveable C-arm table allows the physician the opportunity to “tilt” the patient while rotating the C-arm system, maximizing the viewing capacity. The flexibility allows physicians to quickly view and monitor the placement of devices like pacemakers, catheters and prostheses.

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