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MRI Systems Comparison Chart, Philips Ingenia 3T vs. Toshiba Vantage Titan 3T

These MRI systems are the “BIG BOYS” and will provide such a great enhancement to any facility

Philips Ingenia 3T vs. Toshiba Vantage Titan 3T

MRI Model> Ingenia 3.0T> Vantage Titan 3T
CompanyPhilips HealthcareToshiba
FDA ClearanceYES, 2011YES, 2011
Clinical ApplicationWhole Body multi-transmitMRI
ConfigurationCylindricalShort magnet, wide bore
TypeSuperconductingOR-96 SMT
Field Strength3 T3 T
(35 or 40cm DSV), Vrms
<0.4 ppm @ 40cm DSV< 1.4 ppm @ 40 cm DSV
5-Gauss Fringe Field
Radial Axial, m
3.05 4.955 gauss: 2.6 4.6
Cryogen Refill PeriodZero boil off, 5-7 yearsZero boil off magnet
Finished Gantry Weight, kg
5,8006,375 with cryogens
Finished (Covered) Gantry Dimension, (L x W x H)1.50 x 1.88 x 2.29 m188 x 224 x 222 cm
MRI Model> Ingenia 3.0T> Vantage Titan 3T
Minimum Finished Bore L-R Diameter (Closed Magnet)70 cm163 x 69 cm
Minimum A-P Dimension w/ Table Inserted62 cm53.5 cm
Table Width (moving portion)NA61.4 cm
Table Capacity550 lbs440 lbs
Table Vertical Travel
(Min height-scanning height)
Approximately 36 cm42.9 – 84.5 cm
Table Lateral Movement RangeNA205 cm
Patient Cooling FeaturesLow SAR, 6 airflow settingsAdj. ventilation w/
improved airflow
Patient Illumination FeaturesYes, + Ambient ringAdvanced illumination
Patient Operator
Call & Intercom
Maximum Amplitude
Single Axis, mTm
4530 per axis
Maximum Slew Rate
Single Axis, Tms
200203 per axis
Cooling System TypeLiquid water mixWater
CPU TypeIntel Quad Core 2.4 GHzDual Core Dual CPU 3.0 GHz
CPU Memory Size8,000 MB8 GB and up
Reconstruction HardwareIntel Quad Core 2.4 GHzDual Core Dual CPU 2.93 GHz
Reconstruction Memory Size8,000 MB24 GB
Image Storage Memory TypeHD, DVD+RW, DICOM PACSRAID 10
Image Storage Media
Image Capacity
150 GB HD, 4.7 GB DVD1.3 TB
DICOM 3.0 Classes SupportedEnhanced MR standardYES
Display Monitor Displayable Area (L x W), cm52 x 3355.6 x 36.1
Simultaneous Scan & ReconstructionYESYES
(Min, Max Configuration)
Min > 52, Max > 1,00016 (32 optional)
Parallel Imaging Features
(name, imageK-space)
(k-space, image)
Speeder (image),
JET (radial k-space)

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MRI Model> Ingenia 3.0T> Vantage Titan 3T
(StandardOptional, #of elements, RF channels, parallel imaging support)
BrainStd, 15 chanAtlas Speeder head 16 el
(32-el opt; WIP)
array, std, receive
HeadStd, 15 chanQD head coil, std,
transmit & receive
SpineStd, 44 chanAtlas Speeder spine 40 el array, std, receive
NeckStd, 15 chanAtlas Speeder head coil w/ neck attachment is used
ShoulderOpt, 8 chanNA
Body TorsoOpt, 54 chanAtlas Speeder body 16 el array, std, receive
KneeOpt, 8 chanLarge knee Speeder 7 el array, opt, transmit & receive
CardiacOpt, 54 chanAtlas Speeder body & spine coils are used
BreastOpt, 7 or 16 chanNA
WristOpt, 8 chanWrist-hand Speeder 6 el array, opt, receive
NeurovascularStd; 40 chanAtlas Speeder head coil w/ a neck attachment is used
Peripheral VascularOpt, 54 chanAtlas Speeder body & spine coils are used
TMJStd, 15 chanFlex coils & coil holder, std, Speeder support
OthersOptFlex coils f100 f150, std,
Speeder support
Noncontrast AngiographyTRANCE, bTRANCEFBI, CIA, Time-Slip, TSA
Spectroscopy2-D, 3-D SENSE, spectroH-MRS single-voxel & CSI
Motion Compensating
Radial Techniques
Brain Volume Imaging3-D BrainViewmVox
Minimum Repetition Time, msecTSE TR 171.4
Minimum Echo Time, msecTSE TE 1.80.4
Min to Max), cm
55 x 55 x 50 (0.05-55)50 x 50 x 45
(min 5mm, max 550mm)
Voltage (line voltage, phases)400 480 3-phase400V, 3-phase
(for entire system)
56,000 peakStd depending on the site

The Bottom Line

These MRI systems are the BIG BOYS and will provide such a great enhancement to any facility. Pricing for these units are similar, however, warranties can vary depending on your facility’s location and your provider’s desire to expand their territory. What needs to be considered is the availability of parts after the warranty expires. None the less, both of these 3T MRI systems are so similar in their basic operations; it will only come down to pricing and extended warranty support.

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