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New MRI System Concepts

One key to any machine out in the market today is patient comfort. When dealing with diagnostic imaging comfort can be a little difficult. The patient is in a dark, usually very small space, with a good number of people serving different functions around. A more comfortable concept is something important for the patient and ultimately the implications go all the way around.

Some of the following factors make procedures difficult for the patient:

  • Magnet noise.
  • Cold.
  • Claustrophobic feeling.


The cold is basically necessary and it doesn’t matter what you are dealing with. If the procedure is an MRICT scan, or an X-Ray there is a need for a cool temperature. Not everyone embraces the cold but it does make a difference both in comfort and in functionality.

One big problem that people really dislike is the feeling of claustrophobia that strikes them, especially when they are in a tunnel like place. Often times it’s difficult to battle that feeling of claustrophobia due in large part to the noise that machines make. The level of patient discomfort can be very high. So how is this situation corrected?

There is a new MRI system that has noise reduction technology which allows the patient the comfort of a less noisy feel. Toshiba’s patented Pianissimo™ technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment, making exams more comfortable and easier to complete. This particular technology is good news for the market. While noise is something that’s not so important on the surface, it can mean a world of difference to the patient.

With this advent chances are that there will be an even greater demand for the MRI system not to mention a newer dimension for repair. While this technology is newer nothing says that it cannot be applied to older machines. With healthcare drivers getting stronger and stronger in different nations, it’s very important to have different things to offer in terms of what’s going to be provided to the patient.

It remains to be seen what the future will bring to imaging from the perspective of comfort innovations. One thing is certain, those innovations may mean a major difference in terms of what the market is valued at over a ten year period.


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Nathan Welch
MRI, CT Specialist


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