Where Will Radiation Tracking Go?

Radiation in high doses can have a major negative effect on healthy patients. Diagnostic imaging plays a huge role in radiation exposure because it depends on it. While it is possible to use low dosages of radiation is testing, the big concern has always been ensuring premium image quality in order to get the best possible result. The unfortunate side effects of radiation exposure include a danger of developing cancer.



Collecting data and tracking dosages for individual patients is a controversial idea but it’s one that may make things better as far as patients are concerned. According to an article published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry, a new system for tracking radiation exposure in patients has finally been cleared. A big plus is the ability to keep patients with complex conditions from being over exposed.


This new system is apparently accessible to countries that are not quite as developed overall. The ability to make this particular tracking system a global commodity is a huge step in aiding against overexposure to radiation. Chances are that this will also make an even stronger case for the fight to improve technologies through low radiation but equally effective low dosages.


CT scans and many other forms of diagnosis or radiation-based treatment have employed high doses of radiation because it was and in some cases still is necessary. As stated in an article about this development “However it is accomplished, exposure tracking serves to strengthen the process of justifying and then optimizing radiology exams, and as a result does a better job of protecting the patient, the authors wrote. As the process is implemented, tracking exams is the first priority, and tracking dose is second.” The ultimate concern in healthcare is patient well-being and that well-being has to be covered, especially considering that recovery can sometimes be risky as well.


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