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Protecting Your C-Arm Cables

Having exposed or torn C-Arm cables can put a damper on the workflow of your facility

Having exposed or torn C-Arm cables can put a damper on the workflow of your facility. Exposed wires are just asking for performance issues and safety liabilities. But new cables are very expensive, (costing anywhere from $2,500 or more,) and not to mention they can take hours to replace.

Practicing preventative maintenance is a smart thing to do when it comes to C-Arm cables; heck, it’s a smart thing to do with everything. Here are a couple tips you want to keep in mind:

Always Unplug Your Cables Correctly

The same type of connector is used for plugging in the C-Arm interconnect, handswitch, and footswitch cables. Many people unplug the C-Arm by yanking or pulling from behind the connector. This is a big no-no as it can cause serious wear and tear on the cables. Always unplug the cables by grabbing the metal collar that surrounds the connector.

Never Push Tables or Carts Over Cables

Tables and cart wheels can permanently damage your cables, so never roll them over the cables, no matter how tempting it may be. Always consider the traffic of the room before you roll in other equipment.

Always Use the Handles

When rotating your C-Arm, never pull the high voltage cables. Always use the handles like the engineers intended.

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Follow the above safety tips when using your C-Arm and your cables will stay in phenomenal shape for years to come. They’ll also save you plenty of money involved in replacing the cables. If you have already torn or damaged your cables, contact us today. Our experienced engineers can get you on the right track straight away.


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