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Is a Mini C-Arm Right for your Medical Practice?

If you are considering purchasing a C-Arm machine for your medical facility, you may notice that you have the option between a mini C-Arm, and a full-sized C-Arm. But which one is right for you? This is one of the most common questions among C-Arm customers. With most technologies, people may find that smaller devices … Read more

Medical Imaging Equipment for Veterinarians

Whether you’re treating humans or animals in your facility, your medical practices require medical imaging equipment. However, the imaging equipment that is required for veterinary practices can differ from medical practices. Being able to understand the difference is essential when deciding to purchase a C-Arm or X-Ray equipment. A few things to consider when purchasing … Read more

C-Arm Procedure Safety Pointers

When a patient arrives to have imaging done at your facility, they almost always have concerns about radiation – does this sound about right? Especially if they’re having interventional work done with a c-arm, patients will need reassurance from you and your staff. The fluoroscopic c-arm process may be a bit scary for patients, but … Read more

Lead Lining: Is It Required For My X-Ray Room?

Considering lead lining for your imaging modalities is always a crucial part of the purchasing process. Any system that produces radiation – rad or R/F rooms, c-arms, x-rays, CT systems – will need lead lining consideration from you and your team. Several factors dictate whether you’ll need lead lining or not, so let’s take a look. … Read more

Protecting Your C-Arm Cables

Having exposed or torn C-Arm cables can put a damper on the workflow of your facility. Exposed wires are just asking for performance issues and safety liabilities. But new cables are very expensive, (costing anywhere from $2,500 or more,) and not to mention they can take hours to replace.   Practicing preventative maintenance is a … Read more

OEC 9600 vs. OEC 9800 C-Arm

When it comes to the OEC 9800 and the OEC 9600 C-Arm, a lot of buyers might have trouble deciding which one to choose since the designs are so similar. Upon greater inspection, however, the two machines actually have some key differences that those looking at OEC C-Arm’s should take into account.     First … Read more

Full Size OEC C-Arm

Check out our Full Size OEC C-Arm video below! – – – – –     I’m glad to see you’re browsing Amber’s selection of OEC C-Arms. Thank you for taking the time to look through our inventory.   Did you know that Amber Diagnostics has been providing quality OEC C-Arms for over 25 years? … Read more


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