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Site Planning for GE Signa Ovation Open MRI Machine

Site Planning for GE Signa top view

Site planning design layouts for the installation of a GE Signa Ovation Open MRI Machine. A thorough site technical drawing and construction evaluation of the proposed Open MRI Machine location, as well as communication with all that are involved from planning to installation, should begin early in the site planning process.

The site plans should clearly indicate the location of the magnet isocenter and its surroundings to configure the workstation, RF coil storage cabinet, patient support, operator’s table, and more. The site plans and technical drawings presented here are for example only.

Specific ceiling heights are required as well, especially in the exam room (exam room suspended ceiling and exam room RF ceiling) and access route. As for flooring, carpet is discouraged due to dust, static shock, and sanitary issues. Rather, use vinyl tile flooring for the rooms.

The magnet’s fringe field and ferromagnetic objects are of primary concern when selecting an Open MRI Machine site. Since fringe fields are 3-dimensional, areas on the floors above and below the imaging facility may also need shielding. A detailed knowledge of a magnet’s fringe field and its relationship to surrounding equipment and activities is an essential part of site planning and installation.

Caution should also be taken to protect the magnetic field as well. The presence of ferromagnetic material such as wheelchairs, AC chillers, vehicles, elevators, and electric railway systems can adversely affect the uniformity and homogeneity of the magnetic field. Protect the magnetic field from potential damage by knowing the location and amount of steel shielding, large ferrous objects, external vibrations, and moving objects within the building.

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