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Top 5 C-Arm Articles

Whether you are buying or selling a C-Arm machine, these are our five top articles to help you

The C-Arm is an overhead x-ray image intensifier that provides real-time, detailed viewing of anatomic structures using fluoroscopic dyes. The system is a non-invasive device that does not enter the patient’s body, making it safe for screening before, during, and after procedures.

These machines are mobile and easily transportable, and can be used in confined spaces. The special arched semi-circular design permits the physician to rotate and angle an x-ray tube without moving the patient. The flexibility allows physicians to quickly view and monitor the placement of devices such as pacemakers, catheters and prostheses.

Whether you are buying or selling a C-Arm machine, Amber Diagnostics has provided the top five articles to help you with your next c-arm purchase.

  1. Types of C-Arms Used Today
  2. Which C-Arm Is Right For My Practice
  3. C-Arms in the Global Market
  4. Safety Tips for Radiation Exposure (Fluoroscopy)
  5. Important Tips Before Buying C-Arms

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