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The Pakistan Radiologist Shortage

Pakistan is currently facing a radiologist shortage that’s being attributed to low pay and high work load

Pakistan is currently facing a radiologist shortage that’s being attributed to low pay and high work load. Currently Radiologists there are being paid between $500 to $1,000 per month. Most radiologists are leaving at an alarming rate simply because it’s too much work and far from enough compensation. This means that more than likely Pakistan will end up re working their healthcare system to include a greater investment in terms of compensation.

The exodus means that American, and European markets will receive a far greater influx of highly qualified imaging professionals, and that imaging professionals choosing to stay will more than likely chose private practice over working for the public health system. In future terms this may mean a huge injection to the imaging device market over the next several years. It’s not really immediately apparent now but over the next few years it will be a different story.

The more residents that decide to stay, the morel likely they will go into private practice. Going into private practice may mean an increase in diagnostic imaging centers, generating a need for more equipment. While this will be something that may take longer in Pakistan, it will happen. This also creates a major opening in the USmarket and European market in terms of equipment demand.

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New centers with needs for MRI scanners, CT Scanners, X-Ray machines, and so on, are likely to serve as an injection to the growing projections for the imaging market value. The end result is likely to be a huge increase in refurbished equipment sales. With the improvements in technology for the existing equipment, pricing has become prohibitive and with the need for site planning and so on, the demand for refurbished equipment and experienced companies in the market will only grow.

The ultimate decider will be how Pakistan will take its healthcare system and re work it so that physicians are not over worked and under compensated. Considering thatIndia, a country also in the Middle East, is a major and very attractive market,Pakistan could try to follow its lead. Only time will tell how this will turn out for the diagnostic imaging market as a whole.

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