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New Medical Diagnostic Device on the Horizon

The Photoacoustic Mammoscope purpose is to screen for breast cancer, the device employs infrared light and ultimately creates a map

There is a new medical diagnostic device for Imaging breast cancer with light which has been developed in the Netherlands. The device is called the Photoacoustic Mammoscope and its purpose is to screen for breast cancer. The device employs the usage of infrared light and ultimately creates a map. The purpose is to make this particular modality, if it comes to the market, a gold standard above any other.

Creating a map of the breast may be the key to detection in the denser breast that’s normally difficult to make an image of. The mammography machine is the gold standard that so far has been the normally employed method for early detection and proper treatment of breast cancer tumors. The possibility of this particular modality coming into the market also means that there is a chance the market could see an increase, depending how the market welcomes it.

Part of the article stated that “Ultrasound uses mechanical waves which require that certain elastic and density properties have been developed, which may take place at later time points in tumor progression.” The new device does not use ultrasound so this could mean a whole new attempt at different technology.

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With the major implications this could be a major plus as far as dealers are concerned. Dealing a new modality will open opportunities in new markets where advocacy has yet to really take hold. While in the US there is a major advocacy push for breast cancer screening, some places are not really looking at it as a major issue yet. The numbers for mammogram would likely increase if this particular machine gets FDA clearance.

It’s entirely too early to tell what this will mean in the long run, if anything. The idea that a new modality that’s even more effective is very much a big plus and on top of that it will further broaden the diagnostic imaging market. This means more work for specialized technicians, greater sales in the growing international markets, and ultimately and most important in the effects on patients.

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