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The Different Types of CT Machines

The CT machine has been called one of the most important advances in radiology since the X-ray. The introduction of CT scanners has helped cut down the need for invasive procedures, allowing detailed glimpses into the body without having to touch a scalpel. Major benefits of the spiral CT include its ability to create 3-D images of areas inside the body; detection of small abnormalities; and its rapid scan time, which means less time for patients to lie still.

So which type of CT machine is right for your facility?

Which Slice Would You Like?

CT machines can be single or multi-slice. The decision to purchase a multi-slice CT machine involves sensible considerations such as equipment costs, demographics, and whether it fits in with the overall budget. You will also need to decide on the specific number of slices and workflow features you need. Equipment providers like Amber Diagnostics are able to review the capabilities of different machines, and help make informed suggestions based on your needs.

The ideal slice count depends on the types of services or exams you tend to provide, which is also based on the demographics of your target patients.

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