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CT Machine Site Plan Checklist

CT Site Plan Overview

Why is CT machine site planning important? It can save you a huge amount of trouble in the long run. Before you close in on that low-priced CT machine, think about space and all other requirements for your device’s site. Room configurations and preparation for site inspections require careful planning which can ultimately result in delays and extra costs if not properly set-up. To avoid this, a carefully designed CT site plan from a qualified professional specifying floor plans, equipment placement, plumbing, power requirements, shielding, and other safety measures should be used for all CT machine locations. (Keep in mind, the site planning information below is primarily for reference. Local and state requirements; site conditions; and personal preferences may also have a major impact on your final layout).

Computed Tomography (CT) machines are typically located in the ER, or a radiology suite. Sometimes they can also be found near catheterization (cath) labs and cardiology suites. When planning to implement one of these systems in a facility, it’s not just about the scan room itself, but also the surroundings. It is necessary to consider uncontrolled areas above and below the facility (especially PET/CT) as well as those on the same level.

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