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Upgrade to Digital With a Quick Digital X-ray Retrofit

Analog portable machines are outdated and need to be replaced with digital equipment to remain competitive and compatible with other health care networks. Doctors and patients are expecting images and results to be easily accessible and electronically sent to other facilities for review. A digital x-ray retrofit is a cost effective way to upgrade to digital.

But, what about imaging departments that are on a limited budget? Digital equipment is expensive and may require extensive training on the new portable units.

New digital machines can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000; but you don’t have to buy state of the art to go digital.

Consider digital retrofitting old analog units

Retrofitting is easy and inexpensive. The upgrade doesn’t require any extensive downtime or training of staff. Most retrofits can be done in a few hours or less. Retrofitting portable units improves workflow and productivity. The training is minimal and requires basic knowledge of the included software package and the image management tools. And because the machine is the old unit, the staff doesn’t need to be trained on new equipment.

Retrofitting is easy, it involves rigging a small flat screen on the X-ray unit that can be tethered or wirelessly paired to a digital imaging detector.

Digital images can be quickly visualized on the monitor and transferred from one facility to another which provides a quick diagnosis and treatment plan for a critically ill patient. Plus, retrofitting doesn’t require the need to upgrade hospitals current image archival systems. 

Even in rural hospitals, digital equipment maybe a rare commodity but with a simple retrofit they can keep up with technology and go digital.

Digital touch screens are removable and can be used in both R/F rooms and portables. Also, the screen can be taken to other areas of the hospital for image review. The beam-sensing technology simplifies the upgrade by linking up to the analog portable unit. The detector is self-powered, rechargeable and makes the screen the ultimate in portable technology

Here is a list of its key components

  • Table PC
  • Processor
  • Swappable battery
  • Image detectors (sold separately).

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Why is digital X-ray retrofit a great option?

Because it is cost effective, providing all the advantages of digital radiography for a portion of the price of new digital X-ray equipment. A digital X-ray retrofit is easy to install on existing analog equipment and requires minimal training.

Some digital detectors are interchangeable and can be used in both R/F rooms and portable units and the images can be stored on most hospital’s or outpatient center’s archival systems without any compatibility issues.

Retrofitting analog portable machines is a cost-effective way to go digital and remain competitive and compatible with other healthcare networks. There are many retrofitting solutions available including purchasing used and refurbished units or retrofitting your own analog one. We can help you determine which solution fits your imaging needs. Upgrading to digital is easy to do and doesn’t require any extensive downtime or training.  So before purchasing a brand-new digital x-ray machine consider a refurbished retrofitted one or retrofitting your own unit with a digital system.

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