We have witnessed phenomenal growth within the MRI industry, that provide greater tools allowing experts many opportunities to perform extensive studies. However, all MRI equipment is not created equal. Below is a precise chart which reflects the key differences and similarities between two used MRI 1.5T models, the GE Optima MR450w GEM 1.5T and the Philips Ingenia 1.5T.


 MRI Comparison Chart 
Company NameGE HealthcarePhilips Healthcare
ModelOptima MR450w GEM 1.5TIngenia 1.5T
Bore size (cm)70 cm bore with dual flare71 cm at isocenter, flares to 95 cm
ConfigurationShort, wide boreWide bore
Field strength, T1.5T1.5T
Finished (covered) gantry dimension (LxWxH). cm1.96 x 2.2 x 2.3 m1.5 x 1.88 x 2.29
Minimum finished bore L-R diameter, cm (closed magnet), measured at isocenter70 cm70
Minimum A-P Dimension with table inserted, cm, measured at isocenter, including spine coil, but not mat52 cm55
Maximum amplitude, single axis, mT/m (X, Y and Z)34 mT/m standard; 44 mT/m optional33 or 45
Maximum slew rate, single axis, T/m/s (X, Y and Z)150 T/m/s standard; 200 T/m/s optional200
Channels (minimum, maximum configuration)32 simultaneous RF receiversChannel independent
Voltage (line, voltage, phases)3 phase Delta with ground (4 wire); 480 / 415 / 400 / 380 Vrms; 60 Hz or 50 Hz400/480 3 phase


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