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What is a CT Scanner?

A computerized tomography scanner (CT Scanner,) sometimes called a computerized axial tomography scanner (CAT scanner,) uses a series of X-Ray beams to produce a single “slice” or image or the inside of the human body.


The CT scanner moves in an ‘arc’ around the patient while their body moves through the gantry, which is the circular structure in the middle of the CT scanner. Slices are collected in a computer and the scanning process continued until the desired number of slices are achieved.


A contrast dye can sometimes be used in order to show certain structures more clearly.


The data from the X-Rays can also be used to construct 3D images, achieved when the slices are stacked together. CT 3D images make it easier for physicians to find the location of the problem by allowing them to rotate the image in space or view slices in succession.


CT Scanners are used in hospitals around the world to identify issues such as liver, lung, and pancreatic cancer, tumors in the brain and abdomen, bone diseases, planning areas for radiotherapy and biopsies, and much, much more.


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