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CT Scanner and CT simulator: What are the differences?

What is a CT Simulator?

The terms CT scanner and CT sim are sometimes used interchangeably which can cause confusion. A CT sim is both a procedure and a machine. This article will explain the differences between the two machines and what is a CT simulation procedure.

Let’s start with the CT simulation procedure, it is the process done before a radiotherapy treatment to determine the exact size, location and shape of a tumor. With the images taken the Oncologist and radiotherapy team can plan a custom-made treatment for the oncology patient. The CT simulator is a Computed Tomography scanner equipped to take Images of the tumor to help that process.

The CT Simulator is specifically designed for CT sim procedures with a large bore (80 cm or more), a flat table top like the one used in the Linear Accelerator (LINAC), laser positioning devices that aid in marking the patient for radiation therapy and virtual simulation imaging software.

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