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What is the CT Scanner Tube’s Lifespan?

What is a CT Scanner tube’s life span?  Well It depends on frequency of use, types of exams, and patient population. Studies have shown there is no set limit.

There are many factors such as: Mechanical, environmental, and usage, that can affect the life expectancy of the CT tube.

Here are some metrics used to determine CT tube life span

  1. Total patient exams: includes # of cases performed. This is the most uncertain method and rarely used. Plus, this metric doesn’t include the length or type of the exam.
  2. Clicks and counts: Shows how many exposures ( like the odometer on a car). Doesn’t include energy used. From the clicks you can calculate the amount of time the tube has been used based on the gantry rotation speed.
  3. Scan Seconds: Measures the duration of the tube exposures. Doesn’t include the amount of heat that ran through the tube.
  4. mAS: Provides both the duration of exposures and how much power ran through the tube. Therefore, this is the most accurate metric.
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