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What to Consider When Purchasing Urology Equipment

As a provider of healthcare services, it’s vital to understand various factors when gearing your practice toward diagnostic imaging

As a provider of healthcare services, it’s vital to understand various factors when gearing your practice toward diagnostic imaging. A practice that can provide diagnostic imaging for the purpose of creating an efficient workflow with individual patients will always target the best course of action as far getting the right equipment. It doesn’t matter what the modality is, it could be a portable X-Ray machine, CT scanner, or an MRI scanner. When building a fully functional urology suite with the proper equipment is no different whatsoever.

A concern and consideration is the price of the urology equipment. Questions to ask are:

  1. How much will it cost me?
  2. What kind of alterations do I have to make?
  3. Should the equipment be new?
  4. Is it better to go with refurbished equipment?
  5. Who can best meet my needs?
  6. Does the company I am buying it from know the modality inside and out?
  7. What are the hazards, (if any)?
  8. The level of radiation, is that something I will have to worry about?

Cost is a key question simply because a piece of equipment can be priced out of a provider’s range. If you are in a group practice or by yourself there’s a huge necessity for being practical with major purchases. So, you are a urologist and you want that fully operational suite that will make your patient base even more satisfied with your services. The cost will be a concern so it’s good to explore a refurbished option that will provide quality, comfort, and accuracy.

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When purchasing the equipment you want to look for someone that understands the various differences in modalities, technically speaking, and that has a long and proven track record for outstanding service to the customer. Once you have found that, tell them what it is you want, you’ve done your homework and you know you want a specific model with the kind of functions that will provide the following functions:

  • A CCD Camera
  • 18” Dual flat screen LCD monitors, picture in picture
  • 90/20 tilt table with moving image intensifier
  • X-Ray arm mounted flat panel color video and flouro monitor
  • Auto X-Ray film capability
  • 65 kW HF Generator

You want the equipment that you consider the very best for the purposes of establishing a diagnosis and treatment program for your patients. The big question now is what will this cost me? The cost, in part, will depend on a variety of factors ranging from condition to which dealer you are purchasing it from. The cost may also take into account how much work you have to do in order to design and properly build the space where you will house your urology suite. Other concerns such as radiation fall more under the umbrella of what a physician finds necessary for the purposes of an accurate image with the right amount of definition.

If you have any questions about your urology equipment needs please feel free to give us a call. Our team of experts here at Amber Diagnostics looks forward to answering any questions you may have and sharing their knowledge with you.

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