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Diagnostic Imaging and Active Surveillance

The word surveillance conjures up images of police officers sitting somewhere with binoculars, about to nab a bad guy. You really don’t think of diagnostic imaging of when you think of active surveillance. You also don’t think of your prostate when you think of active surveillance. Active … Read more

Always Know Your Safety Regulations

With everything, there is some sort of federal regulation that people need to be aware of. Diagnostic imaging equipment is no different. If you have an X-Ray machine, CT scanner, MRI scanner, or urology imaging equipment, the regulations will apply to you. The regulations are often long, numerous and cumbersome, but … Read more

Planning Your Urology Site

Planning Your Urology Site

When creating your urology imaging site you have to understand a few things. Your new site’s purpose is so you can better serve your patients and that alone should be your sole reason. You have to consider what space you are counting on and understand that whatever … Read more

Purchasing the Right Urology System

You want to expand your urology practice to imaging and you did a lot of research in terms of the equipment. You talked to experts from engineers, to sales executives, to other physicians. You did side by side comparisons of the outstanding Hydra Vision Plus from Liebel Flarsheim and … Read more

Urology Systems Comparison

Doing your Urology Systems Homework. You want to be able to perform diagnostic imaging in you urology practice. You know you want to have a fully functional suite but you are not quite sure how much you want to spend or what you want in … Read more

What to Consider When Purchasing Urology Equipment

As a provider of healthcare services, it’s vital to understand various factors when gearing your practice toward diagnostic imaging. A practice that can provide diagnostic imaging for the purpose of creating an efficient workflow with individual patients will always target the best course of action as … Read more

Urology Imaging Equipment

As a healthcare provider it’s important to understand what kind of equipment you should use to provide patients with the finest care in diagnostic imaging. When dealing with urology imaging equipment it’s no different than any dealing with any other modality. When creating a urology suite it’s important … Read more

Understanding Contrast Agents

In diagnostic imaging it’s very important to use a contrast agent. Contrast agents are, by definition, “Also called a contrast medium, this is usually a barium or iodine dye that is injected into the area under investigation. The dye makes the interior body parts more visible on … Read more

Preparing the Patient for Urology Imaging

Anytime a patient has to worry about preparing for a diagnostic imaging procedure of any sort there is a great deal of concern with getting everything done right. Urology imaging is no different when it comes to preparation and, with the multiple procedures associated, preparation can vary … Read more


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