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Philips BV Endura C-Arm

The Philips BV Endura C-Arm is a counter-balanced mobile system with a compact foot and rear-wheel steering for easy maneuverability

Philips BV Endura Overview

Confidently perform open and minimally-invasive surgeries across multiple clinical specialties including orthopedic, pain management and peripheral vascular procedures. The BV Endura enables quick positioning, easy patient access, and superb quality images to enhance workflow and decision making.


Gain insight into all anatomy
Whether performing orthopedic, abdominal, or vascular procedures, high quality detailed views and good spatial resolution allow for high quality patient care. Our full digital 1K² imaging chain provides advanced noise reduction and 2D edge enhancement to enhance insight into critical vasculature and complex structures. High quality fluoroscopy, subtraction runs, and roadmap guidance support confident decisions, whether you are delicately placing a pedicle screw or deploying a stent in a difficult position.

Save time and X-ray dose with BodySmart software
To help you work quickly yet gently, Philips unique BodySmart software promotes first time right imaging and dose efficiency. It delivers consistently superb image contrast by precisely adapting the measuring field to the area of interest. This has the potential to reduce retakes and further manage X-ray dose.

Broaden your vascular capabilities
Carry out venous or iliac access as well as more complex EVAR procedures with high quality imaging, excellent spatial resolution, and broad coverage of our 12” image intensifier. The extended C-arm rotation of up to 135° allows you to make commonly required projections for most vascular procedures.

Manage dose efficiently with DoseWise
With the BV Endura, you benefit from highly evolved X-ray technology with comprehensive dose management features. Philips was the first company to market the mobile C-arm and has over half a century of experience in developing mobile C-arm systems for the surgical environment. That translates into a full range of radiation management features that allow low X-ray dose for lengthy surgical procedures, while providing exceptional quality images.

  • X-ray tube: Fixed anode tube with active heat management.
  • X-ray generator: DC converter, micro-processor controlled generator.
  • Nominal power: 3.15 kW: 110 kV, 30 mA
  • Image intensifier: Triple mode 9″ HRC / Triple mode 12″
  • TV camera type: CCD, high resolution 1K²
  • Nominal II formats:
    • 31, 23, and 17 cm (12”, 9”, and 7”)
    • 23, 17, and 13 cm (9”, 7”, and 5”)
  • Constant beam filtration: 0.1 mm Cu + 3 mm AI
  • Image processing: 16 bit with motion detection

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