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C-Arm Decisions: Traditional Image Intensifier or Flat Panel Detector?

When you’re looking into purchasing a c-arm, you’ll have plenty of questions to ask about price, size, room requirements and layout, power requirements, and optional software; just to name a few. But a somewhat new development in the world of c-arms is another decision a potential buyer has to make: analog or digital?

Will you go with traditional c-arm image intensifiers, or newer digital flat panel detectors? Let’s dive into the differences!

While mini c-arms are increasingly being made with flat panel detectors more and more, full-size c-arms, for the most part, still hold analog as the standard. When considering your c-arm, remember that:

  • Image intensifiers will provide you with high quality images for years, but eventually the image quality will slowly begin to decrease.
  • A digital flat panel detector has the ability to produce clear images for years with very little degradation, and for a much longer period than analog.
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